Number Information Services for Voice Carriers

Number Portability and Number Range intelligence enables advanced traffic routing, accounting and fraud management for Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Business Messaging, Rich Communication Services (RCS) and other advanced communications services. Using Number Portability and Number Range information:

Simplifies Routing

Reduces Failures

Mitigates Against Contract Breaches

Increase Margins

Improves Service Quality

Efficient International Voice Routing 


In voice markets prefix routing was once commonplace but with today’s IP based technology, interconnects can be established quickly and economically.  The resulting highly meshed networks opens the door to improved routing efficiency and service quality, less complex billing and revenue assurance due to less hops as well as opportunities for margin improvement. 

These benefits can only be achieved through accessing industry leading number range and number portability integrated with network switches as well as OSS/BSS systems. XConnect’s Number Information Services enable this access via simple, secure, scalable, and real–time enum, sip query or http interface

Read more in Steve Heap’s, CTO of Hot Telecom, article on “Number Portability: a puzzle unlocking voice opportunity” focuses on the recent developments for international voice carriers.


Billing Reconciliation

Real-time B number portability status enables direct routing and A-number range intelligence enables regional surcharge management, both resulting in a better understanding of the real termination cost which leads to improved margins and lower risks.  In conjunction, B number range and hotlists can remove millions of unnecessary or fraudulent voice calls per day from routing.  

Customers access XConnect’s unified Number Portability data via simple, secure, scalable, and real–time enum, sip query or http interface.  

IRSF and Wangiri Fraud Detection

Wangiri and IRSF are increasingly significant threats to voice service providers.  Common threat vectors include the use of unallocated number ranges and known premium rate ranges.  XConnect’s cloud based global number lookup services provides A and B number intelligence to mitigate these threats. 

XConnect’s industry leading number range and hotlists information can be integrated with switches, accounting systems and fraud management technologies using a simple ultra low latency query or data download.   

Business Messaging

In messaging markets, mobile operator groups and international message hubs require access to number range and number portability information with unprecedented scale, performance and accuracy.  XConnect delivers the ultra-low latency, high capacity, secure access to authoritative and private number information that these businesses need to be competitive.

Number Information Services

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