Mobile World Congress 2018

Orca Wave and XConnect customers increase the profitability of their voice traffic with a real-time OBR optimisation

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, once again, presents an opportunity for the curios to discover the latest advances in mobile enterprise applications, the conversational web and unified multichannel customer engagement.  The congress enables enterprises to roadmap future business messaging needs that will deepen customer relationship

XConnect attends MWC to engage with its core market of A2P SMS service providers and mobile operators.  These companies are at heart of the future and will help to determine how enterprises engage with their customers going forward. 

As the future of enterprise and business messaging is being debated, today’s SMS messaging business continues to grow and remains an effective tool for business. 

For our part, we help our customers improve delivery by fuelling their routing engines with the best Number Information Services (NIS) available.  XConnect sources, cleans, and normalise the number information we receive.  We comply with global privacy legislation and ensure services can be access securely, at scale, with carrier grade performance and service support.

 Our customers need these three core Number Information Services (NIS) to enable their business messaging services:

Global Number Range Lookup for determining basic routing functions and telephone number validity.

Global Number Portability Query for determining routing of SMS for the majority of applications where speed and performance are crucial.

Global Number Portability Query Live for determining routing and reachability for time critical applications when a number may have been ported in last 48 hours.

XConnect anticipates a bright future for business messaging.  We are working with industry partners to secure additional data that will not only fuel the routing of future business messaging services but also enrich the context of each communication so that enterprises can enrich customer experience and convenience. 

Crucial to the success of these new services is the liquidity of data. Letting data flow between organisations in this ecosystem is important, but leaving it to flow unchecked without sufficient safeguards is not the answer.   

We believe that innovation and privacy are jointly achievable, rather than being opposable design goals.  GDPR is designed to protect citizens from data abuse and to this end, privacy-by-design, is a core principal for all XConnect Information Services.  Strong data governance and privacy principles enable us to develop strong relationships with data owners, enterprises, as well as provide transparency to citizens. 

We look forward to seeing you at MWC and exploring the future of business messaging.  If you would like to arrange a meeting with us, please get in touch at


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