Is on-boarding MNP an Alternative to HLR Lookup?

Is on-boarding MNP an Alternative to HLR Lookup? — Elementor

Access to HLR Lookup is getting harder

It’s ironic that accessing a simple piece of information, like which operator owns a number, has become such a challenge.  For the A2P industry, it is a challenge that is getting worse! Service providers frequently rely on the use of home location register (HLR) lookups to address MNP requirements.  However, due to tougher regulation and SS7 infrastructure safeguarding, HLR access is getting harder.  Now the industry is being starved of information  that is vital to SMS delivery and applications traffic routing. Limiting access to MNP data is putting a choke hold on the industry, stifling margins and value add. Is on-boarding MNP an Alternative to HLR Lookup?

Integrating MNP Databases

The wider telecoms industry is slowly taking note. Recognising MNP data is essential, national numbering administrations are making it easier for everyone to access central reference databases. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the underlying challenge.  It actually creates new ones outside the experience of those who need access to this information. Enterprises and service providers face an uphill struggle on-boarding and integrating wildly inconsistent MNP datasets. Every national database stores different types of information, in different formats and with different update processes.  This makes integrating  information a herculean challenge that never gets any easier. When XConnect started on-boarding MNP data, we couldn’t imagine more than 2 or 3 ways a supplier could provide data.  XConnect now has experience integrating over 40 databases.  We discovered that unique integration processes were required for more than half of our sources. Companies that choose to ‘go-it-alone’ are rapidly finding themselves with long delays and unexpected complexity. MNP is swallowing up whatever time, money and expertise they throw at the problem.  Needless to say, almost all these organisations would be better served by reinvesting their scarce resources in their core business.

Outsourcing solutions for MNP 

XConnect believes a far better strategy is working with a partner that can take care of the heavy-lifting. We have considerable experience in interconnect services and number portability administration.  XConnect has already developed the people, processes and technologies necessary to integrate, clean, normalise and maintain routing databases.  We make it easy for data to be queried quickly and simply using scaleable and configurable infrastructure. XConnect can make information available in a consistent ready to use format hosted in our datacentres, a local cloud query node or integrated into a client’s datacentre.  More commonly, customers use our Number Portability Query (NPQ) service which offers a single, cohesive database that can be easily accessed via a query. All this means our clients can refocus on their core services and reap all the benefits of accurate routing information: lower costs, reduced latency and assurance of delivery. Our client’s can opt for whatever financing model suits them best: be that pay per query or a fixed annual fee.

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