Markets & Use Cases

Delivery Assurance, Routing Optimisation & Cost Reduction

Business Messaging (A2P)

Real-time global number lookup services (Number Portability, HLR Lookup, and Number Range) for A2P SMS, RCS, and OTT messaging applications. 

For years, A2P SMS providers have required routing information to guarantee delivery, optimise routing, and maximise margins. As the business messaging market has grown, needs have evolved from simple HLR Lookup to support niche SMS routing towards sophisticated high volume mobile engagement applications with advanced routing and rating requirements.

To respond to this need, XConnect worked with A2P technology and data partners to create a suite of Number Information Services all provided at a market leading price. These services are:

  • adaptable to support customers’ unique application requirements,
  • accurate in order to maximise data quality;
  • accessible using standard interface and protocols;
  • highly available to support customers’ SLAs; and
  • secure to support compliance requirements.

Tim Ward
VP Number Information Services

Lee Suker
Market Development Director & Data Protection Officer

Operators & Wholesale Carriers  

Hybrid cloud global number lookup services providing A and B number intelligence to optimise voice and messaging network performance.

In voice markets, prefix routing has been commonplace but today’s IP based technology means that interconnects can be established quickly and economically.  The resulting highly meshed networks opens the door to improved routing efficiency,  less complex billing and revenue assurance due to less hops, and opportunities for margin improvement.  In response to this opportunity, XConnect works closely with its customers and their technology partners to enable industry leading number range and number portability to be integrated across switching as well as OSS and BSS technology.

In messaging markets, mobile operator groups and international message hubs require access to number range and number portability information with unprecedented scale, performance and accuracy.  XConnect works with customers to ensure that end-to-end latency is minimal and that costs are fixed through our Virtual Onboard offering.

Simon Freeman
Director of Service Management

Eli Katz
CEO & Founder

Fraud, Risk & Data Quality Management

Mobile Identity

Telephone number intelligence and attributes to support validation and risk mitigation needs of Know Your Customer (KYC), Account Takeover Protection (ATP) and Fraudulent transaction applications. 


Most businesses place a high value on the accuracy of their customers’ mobile numbers as the mobile device is often the primary means of communications, authentication and financial transactions.  Therefore, telephone number data quality is critical, as is any attribute associated with a mobile number that may indicated fraud or identity theft. 


XConnect developed an advanced number validation service designed to maximise data quality using a selectable multi-stage process, which performs a sequence of three gated tests.  In addition, XConnect is working with industry partners and mobile operators to develop an account takeover protection service that can identify unexpected changes in mobile device behaviour such as simswaps, device changes, location changes, call forwarding and more. 

Lee Suker
Market Development Director & Data Protection Officer

Operators & Wholesale Carriers 

Hybrid cloud global number lookup services providing A and B number intelligence to assist IRSF and Wangiri fraud detection solutions. 


Wangiri and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) are increasingly significant threats to voice service providers.  Common threat vectors include the use of unallocated number ranges and known premium rate ranges.  Capabilities to detect and prevent this type of fraud vary between operators although new IP based technology creates potential for features such as mid-call tear down. 


XConnect works with closely its customers to enable industry leading number range and hotlists to be integrated across switching and fraud management technologies using a simple ultra low latency queries or data downloads. 

Lee Suker
Market Development Director & Data Protection Officer

Eli Katz
CEO & Founder

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XConnect is a member of the GSMA and MEF. XConnect is also a founding signatory of The Future of Enterprise Messaging programme. 


Our world renowned routing, number information as well as privacy and security experts, have 100s of years of experience designing, building, operating and supporting telephone number database services globally. 


Founded in 2004, and headquartered in London, UK, we have been working with 250+ customers for over 10 years to solve the world’s toughest numbering and interconnect challenges. 


World’s largest number intelligence database, accessible through standard protocols and available from multiple PoPs in the US and Europe. 


Xconnect proprietary policy-based INDEX™ platform provides carrier grade capacity, real time access and high availability  to our numbering data and also enables data owners to securely publish and control their data. 


Over 2 billion number have been ported

40 %
of Numbers

In some countries over 50% of numbers have been ported

$ 1.1

IRSF Fraud costs operators $6.1 billion a year

61 %

Over 67% of organisations believe inaccurate data negatively affects thier customer service