Fun Side of XConnect

This video series goes behind the scenes with XConnect’s support team to highlight their expertise. While extremely serious about data, the XConnect support team shows its humorous side in these short videos.

Checking the Validity of Number Portability Data (Quentin Goes Rogue)

Quentin was assigned to create a video series, XConnect XPlains, to give him something to do and keep him out of the way. In the first edition of XConnect XPlains, Quentin Eries answers: How do you check the validity of number portability information when integrating (bringing onboard) a national telephone number database? How do you maintain accuracy?

Maintaining Accurate Number Information Data

Once a country’s number portability data is integrated (onboarded), what do you do to keep the data accurate?

Meeting Customer Requirements

XConnect’s services support real-time applications that must be running 24/7. XConnect provides a high capacity, highly available, low latency responses using the broadest Number Information sources in the industry. In this edition of XConnect XPlains, Quentin Eries explains how XConnect ensures customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met

Skills Needed to Enable Successs

What skills do you need on the team to bring you to the next level? In this edition of XConnect XPlains, Quentin Eries answer this question.

XConnect's Fraud Mitigation Services

What products does XConnect have to prevent against fraud? In this edition of XConnect XPlains, Quentin Eries sits down with Eli Katz to discuss.

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