FleX Q

FleX Q enables customers to manipulate number information to their own unique needs and activate this data through a customer defined query interface.

Over time our customers’ use of Number Range, Number Validation, HLR Lookup and Number Portability Lookup Services have grown ever more sophisticated as their routing, delivery assurance, and cost optimisation needs and capabilities have evolved.  Customers requests include: custom responses combining multiple services, non-standard carrier codes, and response over-rides with their preferred responses.

To this end, the XConnect Number Information Services team have launch FleX Q, a new number information services query service with programable logic to combine and customise any of the Number Range, Number Validation, HLR Lookup and Number Portability Services.


FleX Q Customer Use Case

FleX Q was used to assist a customer with resolving Number Portability queries for Argentina.

In Argentina, it’s possible to send an SMS (or a call) to a mobile number with and without a ‘9’ prefix. So the XConnect customer could receive an SMS message to the same number as 54911xxxxx or 5411xxxxx.

Unfortunately 54911xxxxx can also be a valid fixed number range in Argentina so the customer was unable adjust the number to query, and was receiving up to 10% of failures to the Number Portability Query service, resulting in failed SMS deliveries.

XConnect utilised the FleX Q solutions ‘rules engine’ to first do a Global Number Range look-up against the number, determine whether the number is a valid fixed or mobile range, and adjust the number (including or removing the 9 as appropriate) before resolving against the Number Portability database.


FleX Q for your business

Within a few days, XConnect’s Operations team is able to identify and customise special configuration requirements for countries. To benefit from FleX Q simply tell your account manager about the challenges you are trying to address and XConnect’s engineering team will design a customised service configuration for you.  There will be no additional charge above the Number Range, Number Validation, HLR Lookup and Number Portability Query Services that are used.


Contact your account manager or contact us to learn more.

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