XConnect XPlains

This video series, XConnect XPlains, goes behind the scenes with XConnect’s support team to highlight their expertise. While extremely serious about data, the XConnect support team shows its humorous side in these short videos.

A few weeks back, I asked the XConnect operations team to prepare some “behind the scenes” video diaries to help demonstrate to our Number Information Services (NIS) customers and prospects the extraordinary lengths the team goes to in order to deliver the very best data quality and customer care. 

I asked them to focus on:

– How we integrate a national telephone number database and maintain its accuracy? 

– What is required to deliver carrier grade SLAs? 

– What skills enable you to be successful as a team?

– How important is the data we manage for our customers? 


I had hoped that a short series of videos would help to educate customers and prove our credentials. Unfortunately, due to a cruel twist of fate, the operations team assigned this task to a new guy, our Chief TechSplainer, called Quentin. It turns out that they assigned Quentin the task just to give him something to do and keep him out of everyone’s way.  As you will see, Quentin turned out to be utterly mad! 

However, I know that returning to work after any holiday can be difficult.  The January blues are the adult version of ‘back to school’ after the summer holidays.  So I decided to release a video each week so that you could follow Quentin’s career at XConnect.


Episode 1 : Checking the Validity of Number Portability Data (Quentin Goes Rogue)

Episode 2 : Maintaining Accurate Number Information Data

Episode 3 : Skills Needed to Enable Success

Episode 4 : Meeting Customer Requirements 

 We hope you enjoy watching the videos whilst you pick over the remains of chocolate goodies and settle in to working with all those colleagues you missed over the break.  Have an awesome 2019 and know that using XConnect Number Information Services is one less thing to worry about. 

Episode  1 : Checking the Validity of Number Portability Data

Episode  2 : Maintaining Accurate Number Information Data

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