Choosing a Telecoms Data Provider: Reach, Resiliency and Real-World Expertise

Global Number Portability, Number Range and HLR Lookup data available from XConnect.

Choosing a telecoms data provider goes beyond just the volume and quality of the data they have available. Voice carriers, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), A2P SMS aggregators and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers have to look at what they deliver end-to-end. Not all services are created equal and choosing to make a decision based on cost over quality and consistency can lead to lost revenue, reputation and trust.

With a growing number to choose from, it is a challenge to identify the best data provider to meet a business’ specific needs. Organisations need to find a partner that matches unique data sets with reliability, resilience and expertise. 

With the right choice, organisations can solve immediate challenges around A2P SMS delivery assurance or voice fraud management, while also optimising routing to improve their cost base in the long term.

Here are six things to consider:

1.Truly Global Data Sets

Data providers should offer global numbering intelligence for key markets across the globe. In an ideal scenario, a single relationship will give an organisation access to as many markets as possible, to make integrating the data into its systems simple and giving it access to the local market data it needs today, as well as preparing it for growth into new markets in the future.     

XConnect offers access to dataset for 232 countries (62 databases and the rest covered by remote network query and global numbering data). Our data is only captured from respected sources from Telecommunications Authorities, the ITU (International Telecoms Union) and IR.21 data sources. In addition, we verify, test and investigate beyond these networks to identify any further opportunities to refine these data sets.

2. Refined, Refreshed and Active Databases 

Precision routing and message delivery depends on accurate global number portability data so cleaning, refining and updating has to be a continuous and consistent activity. Providers may be offering out of date and inaccurate data, which does more harm than good, leading to damaged reputations and loss of revenue. 

XConnect regularly cleans, reviews and refines its numbering data. We carry out daily tests across our network and our team of experts constantly updates the data to ensure its accuracy.

3. APIs, Automation and Maximum Uptime 

Telecoms data is only useful if an organisation can access it and consume it with a model that fits their processes, so providers should offer multiple modes of consumption, including basic data downloads as well as real-time database query services. At the same time, there should be automated processes in place to guarantee uptime in the case of a database failure. A benefit to cloud services with multiple hosting locations is that, if a provider has automated failover in place, users are seamlessly migrated from one data set to another. This reduces downtime from potentially days to milliseconds – when you’re delivering business critical voice and messaging traffic this is essential.

XConnect’s data management systems detect any issues with user access to data, then automatically redirect them to an available server without them even realising it. These processes no longer require human intervention, they can be carried out with seamless automation.

4. ISO Certification

It can be a challenge to understand if a provider is following secure data management best practice. The fastest way to see this is to look for ISO certification. It is the global gold standard for information security.

ISO 27001:2013 certification demonstrates an ability to accurately manage sensitive network and subscriber information. Including 114 controls in 35 categories covering all aspects of the business, the ISO certificate has enabled XConnect to expand our business with security and reliability at our core. 

5. Expert Support End-to-End 

Data providers can’t just hand off data and leave the customer to implement it. They should provide a full end-to-end service that goes from building a business case for enhancing data through to deployment and data refreshes and enhancements. 

XConnect’s goal has always been to optimise our customers’ operations with granular data, creating a whole range of opportunities for their businesses to grow. With over 10 years of experience, our routing, number information, privacy and security experts are what makes our 250+ customers trust us to solve their numbering and interconnect challenges.

6. Continually Evolving Services  

Data providers should help the user to apply data to multiple challenges across their voice and messaging businesses. They should be enabling the user to create new value from the data and apply it to challenges faced across message delivery, direct routing, mitigating fraud and OBR losses.  

Needless to say, a provider with access to a wider range of data sets will be able to help solve a wider range of issues. XConnect’s solutions for these challenges include:

  • Global Number Range (GNR) Data
  • Number Portability Query (NPQ) Service
  • HLR Lookup
  • Port History
  • Fraud Intelligence


Making Your Data Decision

When making the choice, an organisation should consider these points and ensure that their provider has not only the data they need, but also a trusted and expert-driven approach. To maximise ROI, they should choose a provider that will partner with them and help them to get the most value out of enhancing data sets.


XConnect has been helping its customers to build optimised businesses using global numbering intelligence since 2004. It is committed to advising organisations, building business cases and enabling success in voice and messaging.   

If you’d like to learn further about how we can solve data challenges or grow your business with data, get in touch today. 

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