In a challenging telecoms ecosystem, fraud mitigation is high on the agenda for the voice industry. Fraudsters are ramping up attacks on contact centres and more organisations are being flooded by fraudulent premium rate call back requests that seek to profit from the high charges that come with making these calls.

A contact centre for one of the world’s biggest eCommerce brands was looking for a way to validate their outbound calling numbers to protect it from fraudulent call back requests while also directing its customer service efforts for best results.

The contact centre chose XConnect’s Global Number Range (GNR) data to pre-validate numbers in its system before its automated systems respond to a request and the call is then directed to an agent. The solution ensured that the contact centre could prevent costly losses that were damaging its revenue streams whilst driving greater levels of efficiency in its operations.

The Challenge

The contact centre was receiving a high volume of call back requests from premium rate numbers. This occurs when fraudulent accounts are set up with the intention to request a call back that is routed through an international or premium rate number to rack up high calling fees. The amount of these fraudulent requests could be in excess of 100,000 daily.

On top of the financial losses, the fraudulent and invalid numbers in its system were causing strain on resource. Agents would be dedicating time to making calls that had no possibility of adding value to the business.

To overcome these challenges, the contact centre needed a solution that could rapidly pre-validate the numbers in its system before outbound calls were made. It needed access to accurate and up-to-date numbering data to minimise its exposure to invalid traffic, reduce termination costs, improve delivery assurance, and enhance customer experience.

The Solution

The contact centre deployed XConnect’s GNR data to route traffic with confidence and prevent margin erosion.

The contact centre provider gained the ability to pre-validate all of the numbers in its system. Deploying XConnect’s GNR data enabled it to reduce the risk of failed outbound calls and mitigate against costly termination charges. It benefitted from greater visibility into its operations to focus its time on capturing a greater number of sales and responding to legitimate customer call back requests.

XConnect’s GNR data verifies if a number belongs to a valid number range, if it is the correct format (correct length, country code, etc.). XConnect’s data was combined with the contact centre’s existing data sets to identify high-risk traffic.

The result for the contact centre was growing margins across its international operations with its traffic being pre-validated to increase precision and performance. It was able to serve new business with confidence whilst minimising damaging losses.


Predictable Margins

The solution allowed an easy way for the contact centre to limit wasted and costly outbound calls. By mitigating fraudulent and invalid numbers it was able to increase profitability.

Expert Data Management Support

XConnect provided expertise and insight into using numbering intelligence to maintain and onboard data and enabled the contact centre to enhance its systems and applications.

Continually Refined Data Sets

The solution was underpinned with data sets that are continually being updated, refined and cleaned to maximise accuracy.

Data Consolidation

The contact centre was able to manage multiple sources of data within one system, allowing it more time to focus on other areas of its business.

Comprehensive Compliance

XConnect’s solution enabled the contact centre to meet privacy and regulatory requirements with ease and at lower costs.

“The voice market is a massive target for fraudulent activity and call back fraud remains a popular tactic for bad actors seeking financial gains. The ability to pre-validate numbers is essential for organisations to protect their margins and ensure they’re focusing their efforts on interactions that matter. Fraud in voice is a challenge that’s here to stay. Deploying trusted and up-to-date GNR data is a necessity for organisations to gain the edge against competitors in the outbound contact centre industry.”


Eli Katz, Founder and CEO, XConnect

Increase precision, performance and trust in your voice traffic.

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