Capturing new revenue with Rich Communication Services: Optimising RCS with enhanced data sets


An A2P business messaging aggregator was starting its journey to deliver Rich Communication Services (RCS) in a western European market, targeting hospitality, transportation, and financial services markets with this new service.

The aggregator needed to ensure it could accurately deliver RCS messages on all four mobile networks serving the market in order to provide a consistent and cohesive service end-to-end. This is a complicated issue with RCS, as MNOs don’t have agreements in place to forward business messages between each other – so if a number has been ported and the aggregator doesn’t know which MNO is now the terminating operator, the message will be lost.

To prevent these issues, the aggregator needed to ensure it knew the correct termination routes and approached XConnect to see how it could use number portability information to help.

The challenge

The aggregator recognised that its RCS offering would not get off the ground if it could not provide guaranteed message delivery. Any delays or failure to deliver messages would mean loss of revenue and very low take up in the market.

The challenge was to find a simple and cost-efficient solution to identify where subscribers had ported their numbers as they changed mobile provider and ensure routing and delivery to the correct operator.

Without accurate MNP data, the aggregator would be unable to deliver messages to the right user on the right network quickly and efficiently.

The solution

The aggregator selected XConnect to provide MNP data and support its data management. XConnect refines and maintains up to date MNP information from across the four MNOs operating in the country and is able to ensure the direct routing of messages to end users.


Over 100 countries today have implemented MNP and in many countries, over 40% of numbers have been ported. It is essential that players in the RCS space have access to up-to-date data that supports this accurate routing. XConnect’s number portability query service enables the aggregator to identify the MNO and associated data for any valid E.164 number globally.


The team at XConnect was able to understand the aggregator’s requirements and provide a simple and cost-efficient step towards a successful RCS implementation. The aggregator was able to route its RCS messages directly to the correct MNOs, improving delivery assurance so that the aggregator’s customers could rest assured their messages were being delivered in this new experimental space with equal service capabilities and performance, for both un-ported and ported subscribers.

The benefits:


  • New Innovation

The aggregator was able to monetise RCS, expand its relationship with enterprises and grow new revenue streams.

  • Increased Performance

The aggregator was able to offer enterprise RCS solutions with confidence that they will deliver the performance required to serve key verticals.

  • A Multi-Purpose Solution 

The aggregator used the data to enhance all of its A2P messaging services and offer enterprises and end users optimised experience.

  • Continually Evolving Data Sets

The aggregator benefits from data sets that are being continually refined and updated to ensure the quality of its data today and in the future. 

  • Certified and Trusted Data Management

XConnect’s Number Information Services has been audited and attained the formal ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, the globally recognised gold standard for Information Security Management Systems.    

  • Expert Support

The aggregator gained an expert in data quality control and the integration of telecoms data into new messaging solutions.


“For aggregators to capture the opportunity in RCS, they have to be able to get over the complexities in the market and guarantee that messages are delivered to users quickly and efficiently, whatever network they’re on. Aggregators must understand how to overcome the issues that ported numbers can cause in this space. Our NP query service provides a simple and fast way to enhance existing data and ensure users receive their messages. That delivers immediate ROI for aggregators getting into RCS.”  

Eli Katz, Founder and CEO, XConnect 

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