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Orca Wave and XConnect customers increase the profitability of their voice traffic with a real-time OBR optimisation

The Carrier Voice market is adapting. Surcharging, fraud mitigation, and the evolution of technology means that many Carriers are evaluating origin based routing (OBR) rather than prefix routing. Consequently, in adopting OBR, Carriers will require global number portability data and number range information to accept or reject traffic and drive routing decisions.

XConnect was delighted to be shortlisted for Capacity Europe’s Global Carriers Awards in three categories: Best Cloud Innovation, Best SMS Innovation, and Best Voice Service innovation – Mature Markets. This recognition demonstrates to Carriers that global number portability and advanced number range services are available and Carrier-grade.

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What to Do When OBR is Deployed in a Key Destination

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The Essentials of Number Portability for Business Messaging

XConnect is a market leader in providing information about telephone numbers. We have provided number information to the global telecommunications industry as well as Enterprises in the Finance and E-commerce sectors for 14 years.  

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