Protecting SMS Used in Critical Business Processes

On November 9th, 2019, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which draws expertise from the UK’s GCHQ and CERT-UK, published advice on the use of SMS in critical business processes.  This advice, Protecting SMS Messages used in Critical Business Processes, recommends a number of control measures that can mitigate the risks of SMS attacks.  Some […]

Key Takeaways from Carriers World 2019

Carriers World 2019

Carriers World 2019 helped to shine a light on how wholesalers need to transform every aspect of their business, seek greater efficiencies especially in the tight margins of international voice as well as develop new offerings to market. In addition, wholesalers must embrace disruptive technology and innovation that delivers a highly automated, efficient network as […]

Reasons for SMS Delivery Failure

Our mobile phones sometimes inform us that a text message hasn’t been delivered and it will retry later. It can be frustrating, but now imagine the problem for an enterprise sending hundreds, thousands or millions of  messages to their customers. A frustration now becomes a significant business challenge. This begs the question:  How do SMS […]

FleX Q

FleX Q enables customers to manipulate number information to their own unique needs and activate this data through a customer defined query interface. Over time our customers’ use of Number Range, Number Validation, HLR Lookup and Number Portability Lookup Services have grown ever more sophisticated as their routing, delivery assurance, and cost optimisation needs and […]

Porting History for Number Portability Lookup

Number Portability Lookup History

Porting History was soft launched in Q4 2018 as part of a portfolio of Account Takeover Protection (ATP) and Know Your Customer (KYC) services.  Customers are now adopting number porting history as part of their fraud and identity theft risk services.  Knowing how many times a number has been ported in a given period and […]