XConnect’s Number Portability Query (NPQ) service launches global coverage

XConnect’s Number Portability Query (NPQ) service launches global coverage


XConnect, the global leader in Number Information and Interconnect services, today announced the launch of global coverage for its Number Portability Query (NPQ) service, with porting and numbering data from over 200 territories available from April 1st, 2017.

Launched in November 2015 and offering a faster and more secure alternative to home location register (HLR) access, XConnect’s NPQ service today provides a single, industry-leading service for access to national central database information from dozens of countries that can be easily queried by the telecoms, messaging and mobile application ecosystem.

“With the inconsistency of national databases raising major challenges, and understandable privacy concerns over HLR lookups, the mobile ecosystem desperately needs rapid, reliable and secure access to number portability information,” comments Eli Katz, CEO at XConnect. “With the launch of global coverage for our NPQ service this April, XConnect will be perfectly placed to support service providers and enterprises around the world with the information required to implement optimal routing, number validation, billing reconciliation and the delivery of tailored, latency-sensitive applications. We have the relationships, expertise and technical platform to make this information easily accessible to the global marketplace, while keeping security at the heart of everything we do”.

XConnect’s INDEX™ platform has access to number data from many disparate sources and formats, normalises it, and makes it accessible with low latency in a consistent fashion via a common API that uses ENUM based global technology standards. From April, the next evolution of XConnect’s NPQ service will extend coverage to almost all countries that have number portability, while also including the ability to identify operators based on number plan information for all the remaining nations worldwide, using the same API and query process. The expanded service will provide swift and effective identification for over 10,000 terminating fixed and mobile operators globally.

Katz concludes, “With the expansion of our NPQ service, businesses no longer need to take a piecemeal approach to accessing essential number information. We can act as a one-stop-shop worldwide, enabling enterprises and service providers to focus on their core business, while reaping all the benefits of accurate routing information: lower costs, lower latencies and assurance of delivery”.

Those interested in learning more about the latest expansion of XConnect’s NPQ service are invited to schedule a meeting at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Please contact: Tim Ward, SVP Number Information Services – tim.ward@xconnect.net



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