2016 – XConnect’s Number Portability Query (NPQ) service reaches 30 country milestone.

PDF – XConnect’s Number Portability Query (NPQ) service reaches 30 country milestone


London, UK –1st October 2016 – XConnect, the global leader in Number Information and Interconnect services, today announced it has reached a major milestone and industry leadership on coverage for its Number Portability Query (NPQ) service, with porting and numbering data from 30 countries now available.

Launched in November 2015 and offering a faster and more secure alternative to home location register (HLR) access, XConnect’s NPQ service provides a single service for access to number portability information that can be easily queried by players across the telecoms, messaging and mobile application ecosystem.

XConnect’s INDEX platform can import number data from many disparate sources and formats, normalise it, and make it accessible in a consistent fashion via a common API utilising global technology standards. With numbering and porting information now integrated for 30 countries, the NPQ service’s geographic coverage is rapidly expanding.

Today, number portability information plays a vital role in supporting a growing number of A2P enterprise messaging and other enhanced mobile services. It enables optimal routing for traffic between networks, rapid number validation, billing reconciliation and the delivery of tailored applications with a bespoke look and feel. While traditional HLR queries already deliver access to this essential information, XConnect’s centralised database enhances security and privacy for operators, increases accuracy and data reliability, while also enabling substantially faster response times better suited to today’s increasingly latency-sensitive applications.

“This is a major milestone on the road to global coverage for our NPQ service,” comments Eli Katz, CEO at XConnect. “With a wide variety of numbering regimes in use around the world, aggregating, sorting and normalising number portability information presents a considerable challenge. However, our extensive experience in running interconnect services for hundreds of operators and managing number portability administration across Europe means we have the relationships, expertise and technical capabilities to make this information easily accessible to the global marketplace via a consistent, query-based service”.


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