XConnect launches Number Portability Query service

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London, UK – 15th November, 2015 – XConnect, the global leader in Telephone Number Registry and Interconnect services, today announced the launch of its Number Portability Query (NPQ) service, which offers a better alternative to home location register (HLR) lookups.

The new service is made possible thanks to XConnect’s extensive experience in running interconnect services and managing number portability administration across Europe. With these combined areas of expertise, the firm can now collect number portability information from national databases worldwide, normalise the data and make it easily accessible to the global marketplace via a consistent, query-based service.

Today, number portability information plays a vital role in supporting a growing number of enterprise mobile services. It enables optimal routing for traffic between networks, rapid number validation, billing reconciliation and the delivery of tailored applications with a bespoke look and feel. While traditional HLR queries already deliver access to this essential information, XConnect’s centralised database enhances security and privacy for operators, while also enabling faster response times better suited to today’s increasingly latency-sensitive applications.

“The launch of this new service is the natural culmination of our long track record in interconnect services and number portability administration,” comments Eli Katz, CEO at XConnect. “With NPQ services from XConnect, operators, enterprises and service providers will be able to optimise processes, eliminate errors and ensure regulatory compliance with up-to-date, accurate data that drives customer satisfaction and revenue growth. With our support, it’s now possible to slash the costs associated with porting and routing errors and deliver enhanced mobile services”.

The NPQ service joins XConnect’s extensive portfolio of Number Portability Management tools, which aim to bring simplicity to an increasingly complex communications ecosystem.


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