XConnect raises $12 Million in Tier 1 VC Equity Funding Enables Global Expansion of its Federated IP Communications Peering Services

London, England - April 24, 2007 - XConnect Global Networks Ltd. (XConnect), the world-leading provider of neutral and trusted Peering and ENUM Registry services to the telecommunications industry, announced today that it has secured $12 million in venture capital funding in a Series A round led by Accel Partners of England and Venrock Associates of the US, together with Grazia Equity of Germany and Bridge Capital Fund of Japan (an affiliate of Nikko Antfactory). The funds will be used to accelerate product development and expand the company's infrastructure globally in order to meet growing demand from service providers and carriers for the company's paradigm-changing Federated IP Communications Peering & ENUM Registry services. XConnect's Global AllianceTM , DirectRouteTM , Enum ExchangeTM and Private FederationsTM services enable more efficient and direct routing of calls to the terminating service provider, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, reducing costs, improving call quality and enabling end-to-end rich IP communications. Through a single connection to an XConnect federation, each of the company's 400+ service provider and carrier customers, including Tier 1s, MSOs and PTTs, is able to peer with any other federation member. XConnect's patent-pending ENUM Registry, multi-protocol signaling inter-working, peering policy control, sophisticated VoIP security and support for both traditional settlement and settlementfree commercial models eliminates the need for a maze of bilateral interconnections and commercial agreements.

"Our federated peering services enable service providers and carriers to deliver compelling new VoIP services and features on a cross-network basis while simultaneously reducing the capital and operational costs inherent in the PSTN model that it is replacing," said Eli Katz, CEO of XConnect; "This investment from a syndicate led by global Tier 1 VCs underscores the importance of peering and registry services in enabling the industry-wide migration from the legacy PSTN to the new generation of IP Communications." As part of today's announcement, Kaj-Erik Relander of Accel and Natan Tiefenbrun, XConnect COO will join Eli Katz, CEO and Founder of XConnect and Ohad Finkelstein, Chairman on the company's board of directors. Ohad Finkelstein said "This investment by leading VCs will enable XConnect to capitalize on the prime position it has built for delivering essential infrastructure across the communications sector." Kaj-Erik Relander, General Partner at Accel said "With this landmark financing round, Accel is excited to join the exceptional team at XConnect, and along with Venrock, Grazia, and Nikko Antfactory, to support XConnect in achieving its pioneering vision for federated IP communications."

About Venrock

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