Phone Intelligence

Build advanced context aware, cross channel and multi device customer engagement services using privacy compliant enriched telephone number data and end-user intelligence.

XConnect takes information from hundreds of global telecommunications operators and national telecoms regulators and analyses their telephone numbers in order to determine if any particular telephone number in your CRM is authentic and determine if the communication service you want to initiate with your customers is safe, privacy compliant, and available.


Verification: Identify which telephone numbers in your CRM are authentic and whether an authentic telephone number is a mobile number, fixed line number, or some other telephone number type.

Match: Validate the name and telephone number (or the name, address and telephone number) of your contacts against compliant, trusted and authoritative external data sources.


Availability: Verify telephones are currently available on the network before instigating communications. Avoid unreachable subscribers, optimise callback efficiency, and invoke special workflows for customers with certain telecommunication providers.

Device Capabilities: Choose the best means of connecting with your contacts based on your contact’s communication device capabilities to avoid delays and costly mistakes.

Payment: Execute a payment to a contact or request payment from a contact using only the contact’s telephone number.


Swap: Avoid consequences of potential identity theft resulting from stolen mobile telephone numbers. Confirm a contact’s mobile number has not recently been transferred to a new sim card or new operator prior to processing high value transactions or security measures.

Call Forwarding: Prior to any outbound voice or sms telecommunication with your contact, check if the telephone number has been forwarded to another number.

Roaming: Confirm if a mobile phone is temporarily in a foreign country and leave a roaming request  for compliance audit trails.

Data Validation

Validation: Assist compliance with data protection legislation by ensuring personal data is correct. Avoid potential fraud or revenue loss due to incorrect customer contact records.

End-User Status: Determine what type of end-user the associated operator believes the telephone number is (e.g. consumer, business, person, machine, contract, or prepay). Ensure your business process is consistent with the contact based on the contract they have with their     provider.


Consent Register: Prior to processing or storing personal data, check what associated legal basis, including what consent, has been provided by the contact. Avoid potential sanctions and litigation associated with personal data and privacy legislation breaches.

Do-Not-Call Preferences: Avoid sanctions due to failure to observe do-not-call legislation or not having appropriate records demonstrating that legislation was observed.

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