Global Number Range

Reach end customers every time with accurate, complete and up-to-date number range information powering more cost effective routing, number validation and delivery assurance.

the benefits

XConnect’s Global Number Range service provides access to global number mobile portability and fixed line telephone number range data through a single eNum query interface. Our data combines trusted information from hundreds of disparate global data sets which have been painstakingly cleaned and normalised, so that our customers can optimise voice and messaging interconnection, billing, revenue assurance and interconnection between different networks.


Powered by multiple datacentres and cloud-based query servers, XConnect’s distributed architecture enables secure and resilient access to global numbering information, with blindingly fast response times.

Global Privacy Compliant Data

Comprehensive privacy compliant telephone number data combining multiple industry-leading sources for number portability, number range and phone intelligence from over 200 territories worldwide.


XConnect’s number information services are designed, built, operated and supported by world renowned routing experts. We identify our customers’ data issues before they do.


Universal Access

Consistent number information services available through secure industry standard eNum and Web services APIs

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