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Instantly connect with an international community of over 250 networks, enabling  efficient, cost effective, and and direct exchange of Voice, HD Voice and Video services.

The Global Alliance can be accessed via public or private interconnection to one of our Federation PoPs in North America, Europe, Asia or Africa.

Global Alliance services:


Cost efficient Voice and HD Voice termination services to over 250 networks globally.




Utilise up-to-date Number Portability information to optimise routing of calls and SMS.



Deliver more value to your subscribers by extending the reach of OTT services.



Offer VoIP wholesale services without commiting the costs and resources required to deploy and manage your own infrastructure.



Seamlessly connect to video calling and conferencing services globally.





Providing stable and reliable Voice services to your customers remains core to your product strategy and the success of your business.

XConnect offers reliable voice termination services that have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of a diverse set of voice services providers.

Global Alliance Outbound

The outbound service allows you to leverage the Global Alliance Service Provider community to find the best partners for the termination of your voice traffic. And because you are directly connected, you can be assured that calls will be routed accurately and economically, ensuring that you can provide quality, cost-efficient voice services to your customers.

Global Alliance Inbound

The inbound service gives you the opportunity to generate additional revenues by terminating voice traffic from the Global Alliance community. The service enables you to receive traffic from your choice of networks at rates that meet your quality and profitability thresholds.

USA NPA - NXX Routing

The USA NPA - NXX service offers US based wholesalers and network operators, high quality and competitive routing to mainland USA by providing granular routing capability to 7 digit NPA-NXX level via the Number Registry.


The HD Alliance extends the reach and value of your HD Voice service beyond your own network by facilitating direct routing of HD Voice calls to other HD-enabled service provider networks across the Global Alliance.


Reduce costs and improve quality by directly terminating your voice traffic to networks globally

Extend the reach and value of  your HD Voice services

Increase revenues by terminating calls from the Global Alliance community

Increase customer satisfaction by providing high quality, cost effective  voice services

Over-the-Top (OTT) services offer free voice and video calling over wifi or internet data connections. Typically, these services are restricted to calls between subscribers of the same OTT provider. XConnect's OTT services enable OTT providers to monetise their services by enabling subscribers to make and receive calls to and from the PSTN


For OTT service providers who want to extend the reach of their services to numbers on the PSTN, the OTT Out service is a cost efficient, A to Z voice termination service that allows subscribers to economically call any numbers on the PSTN directly from their OTT client. Subscribers are charged at substantially reduced rates when compared to making calls over the GSM network.


The OTT in service utilises XConnect Number Registry to identify calls from the PSTN that are destined for telephone numbers assigned to OTT clients. The service enables OTT service providers to deliver calls from the PSTN directly to their subscriber's app.


Generate revenues through offering outbound and inbound calls to subscribers.

Extend the reach and value of your OTT service.

Increase customer satisfaction by providing greater functionality from your OTT service.

Increase downloads and attract new subscribers.

Global Number Portability

The Global Number Portability (NP) Service enables you to optimise the routing of calls and SMS by providing the ability to query or download, real-time Number Portability corrected telephone number information for a range of international destinations from XConnect's Number Registry. Read More>>

Video Interconnection Exchage (VIE)

Video communications is thriving, but achieving the delivery of consistently high-quality cross-network video calling is still a significant challenge. Unlike Voice, global interconnection of video services is exponentially more complicated due to a lack of industry-agreed standards, and the presence of a plethora of platforms, networks and devices using a variety of technologies.

VIE makes video calling as simple as making a voice call by facilitating interconnection and interworking for video services via the Global Alliance hub. VIE supports multiple protocols and technology standards to enable video calling between disparate networks, platforms and devices.


Reduce the cost  of connecting to other video calling and conferencing services

Overcome the technical complexities of interconnecting to disparate video networks and platform

Increase the competitiveness and usability of your video services.

Increase customer satisfaction by making cross-network video calling as simple as making a phone call.

VoIP Traffic Manager (VTM)

Whether you are a large established business or a rapidly growing new entrant, deploying and managing your own wholesale VoIP infrastructure can be a significant expense and requires considerable resources. The VTM enables you to deliver scalable, carrier-grade wholesale VoIP services without committing the costs and resources associated with building and managing your own infrastructure.. Read more >>