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Global Alliance is a suite of policy driven, neutral and trusted Carrier-ENUM registry and interconnection services that allows service providers to realize the benefits of IP communications by enabling secure and seamless routing between VoIP, NGN, IMS, and mobile networks.

Global Alliance simplifies the process of interoperability and interconnection between networks. With a single connection to the Global Alliance interconnection hub, service providers are able to bypass the PSTN to exchange VoIP traffic with over 100 networks worldwide under the policies and settlement terms they choose.


Accessed via the Global Alliance Management portal, service providers have access to a range of innovative features, including:

Private Alliance
Service Providers have the option to create or join 'Peering Communities' which have common business interests and interconnection rules. Rating and settlement is agreed on a bi-lateral basis which effectively replicates the PSTN interconnect model but with the benefits of VoIP calling.

Free Alliance
The Free Alliance is the world's largest free call community with over 100 service providers. Members of the community have agreed to exchange traffic settlement free enabling them to offer preferential rates to their subscribers.

XConnect Registry Services
Xconnect Registry services enables interoperability and interworking of the Global Alliance with other registries and number databases globally.

SuperQuery extends the capability of Global Alliance to include interoperability with other global Carrier-ENUM registries. Read more about SuperQuery by clicking the SuperQuery tab above.


Community Discovery.
Members have access to the Community Discovery database which contains details of all Alliance members including contact details and information on their locations and types of services provided.
This allows members to easily search and discover networks that maybe of interest to develop new business opportunities with based on common business models, peering policy and commercial terms.

Traffic Monitoring and Reporting
The Traffic Monitoring and Reporting feature provides real-time traffic statistics and data to ensure traffic is routing optimally and to identify issues across the network to maintain Quality of Service (QoS) to subscribers.

Alliance In & Alliance Out.
Members can utilise XConnect's ENUM registry to enable premium-quality IP termination on a global basis and earn per-minute payments from inbound traffic to their network.

Web 2.0 Interconnection
Web 2.0 Interconnection extends subscribers free-call reach by enabling peering with Web 2.0 and IM communities such as Google talk.


XConnect has partnered with the GSMA to extend the reach of the XConnect Global Alliance to all service providers on the GSMA Pathfinder network and the GSMAs 750 member mobile operator community.

PathFinder Logo

PathFinder is an interoperable, industry wide solution, enabling the routing of global IP service interconnect traffic. Interoperability is particularly important in facilitating the uptake of emerging services such as MMS, IMS, and Packet Voice. PathFinder underpins this growth, promotes the introduction of new services and revenue streams, and helps operators control costs.

SuperQuery allows Global Alliance members to initiate queries to the Pathfinder Registry and to have numbers published in the PathFinder Registry for discovery by the GSMA Carrier ENUM community.

By enabling Pathfinder SuperQuery, service providers only need to interoperate and interconnect with the XConnect Registry removing the need for separate commercial and technical agreement with PathFinder, thereby simplifying the process of participating in the GSMA Carrier ENUM community.



Offered as a managed service, Global Alliance allows members to:

Reduce costs, improve quality and deploy new advanced IP services by keeping by calls as VoIP end to end

Efficiently determine optimal call routing information including number portability corrected data to ensure calls are routed correctly

Simplify the interconnection process by interconnecting once to the XConnect hub and removing the need to create multiple bilateral agreements and undertake numerous resource intensive interoperability tasks.

Provide a single source for data provisioning so that members do not have to provision data to multiple registries.

Easily create peering relationships with networks based on their geographic location, business type and services supported.

Manage peering policies to control the types of traffic exchanged and the settlement terms



The Global Alliance service is underpinned by XConnect's own network technology, which includes the following features:

Community Portal

Community Portal provides the Member’s business and operational interface to the Federation, including member discovery, peering request and policy management, and traffic monitoring and reporting.

Peering Policy

Peering Policy creates and enforces peering rules for the types of traffic exchanged between Members.

ENUM Registry

ENUM Registry contains all member telephone numbers and URIs. Supports call query via ENUM or SIP to query servers which are either hosted or can be co-located within the SP network. May be integrated with the national number portability database for number provisioning.

 SIP Signaling Hub

SIP Proxy which provides interworking between the various member implementations of SIP, and provides signalling security, thus isolating each operator from the complexities of other operator networks and simplifying the interconnect process.

Media Relay

Media Relay provides NAT traversal, ‘no media detection’ and media security for RTP traffic.

Network management

The Global Alliance network and traffic is monitored and managed on a 24x7x365 basis from the XConnect Network Operations Center (NOC).